Next Pournami Yagam On Apr 18 2019 at 6 pm. - Cost - Rs. 1100 /- ( Per head )

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Mahaganapathy Homam

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The 'Yagam starts at 6 pm in the light of Pournami (Full Moon) in every month. Even though "Raja Yoga", (auspicious conjunction of planets foretelling Kingly fortune) is indicated in the horoscope, it may not be possible to enjoy the benefits because of the sins committed in the previous birth. Such things happen when the inauspicious planets, by sight or position, block the power of the auspicious planets capable of granting Raja Yoga. 
In order to prevent such hindrances and failures due to the sins of previous birth and to avail oneself of enjoying the fortunes predicted in the horoscope to the maximum extent possible, Sree Bagalamukhi Sarvabheeshta Sidhi Mantra is a must. In the Hindu Veda Shastra no other Mantram, Pooja or Yagam is equal to Sree Bagalamukhi Sarvabheeshta Sidhi Mantra Yagam which grants all requirements in life.
Who Should Participate In Yaaga ?
The human who needs progress based on endeavour, employment and promotion; advancement in education, profession and business, Shubha Mangalya Sidhi (Good Marriage), Santana Bhagyam (Children), contentment in married life, etc., Better earning; good health and longevity. 
Why Its Very Special Here?

  • Sre Surya Mangalam Bagalamukhi Devi temple is the only place in India where the CHATHURBAHU VIGRAHAM in accordance with  the DHYANA SASTHRA VIDHI, is consecrated and worshipped in the world for Maata Bagalamukhi. 
  • In Our Temple on Every Auspicious days of Amavasai (New Moon day) and Pournami (Full Moon day) Bagalamukhi Yaaga is conducted in august presence of Sree Bagalamukhi Devi The omnipotent,Mother God of the Universe who is worshipped by all the deities.Sree Bagalamukhi Sarvabheeshta Sidhi Mantra Yagam is performed in the traditional way as per the Thantric Vidhi on the auspicious day of Pournami (Full Moon) in every month with out fail.
Uniqueness Of Suryamangalam Bagalamukhi Temple Yaagas:

                                         All Devotees taking part in yaagas,with a view to fulfilling thier wants are provided a chance for dedicating their prayer (Sankalpam) to the Yagagni to propiate the Gods.This  custom seen very rarely in the yagas conducted according to the Thaantric Vidhi is unique in our temple.
                                        The Mantras,Prescribed  for each  Yaaga are chanted 10000 (Ten Thousand) times each along with Japam and Homam.

For Those Cannot Participate the yaaga in person:
                                       Can send their name ,star and address through the website or through phone whatsapp,sms,call).Prasadam will be sent to such people in their respective address.
                                        Devotees taking part in the yaaga are provided Accommodation and Food. (Prior Information Mandatory)

                                       For More Info : 7305 44 22 99 (call,whatsapp)


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