The fortunes and misfortunes, comforts and happiness, disappointments, sorrows, victories and defeats in our life are the results of the good and bad deeds of our previous birth.

That the present life owes much to the previous birth, it is evident by the very mentioning of the result-based actions of the previous birth. Perhaps you may not have any faith in re-birth. But if you have faith in Hinduism, you will have to believe in re-incarnation. The Hindu Vedic Sastras and Puranaas have referred about re-birth in many a place and time. The 22nd and 27th stanzas of the 2nd chapter and 5th stanza of the 4th chapter of the Bhagavath Geetha refer re-incarnation.

Modern physics too, in its researches done on human life has got strong evidences regarding incidents related to re-incarnation. The news report published in the “Indian Express” dated 9th Nov 1948 under the head “Strong Evidence of Re-incarnation” and the “Research Results” presented by Dr. Mrs. Satvant of National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science, in the symposium organized by the Bangalore Science Forum are only a few examples. The non-spiritualist Western countries, the forerunners of science and technology have also conducted researches and have derived dependable proofs.

It is when we experience comfort, happiness and prosperity in present life, the level of the good deeds of the previous birth decreases gradually to such an extent that, at last, the level of our bad deeds rises high; disappointments, failures and sorrows start making us their prey.

In order to have stable good luck, lasting comfort and prosperity, avoid misfortunes failures and distress, we must possess in-exhaustible virtue. The in-exhaustible virtue will provide not only comfort, happiness and prosperity needed for many births but also everlasting salvation in the end.

According to Vedas and Mythology, the only possible means to possess virtue in Kali Yuga is by chanting God’s names (chanting of Mantra) and by giving alms. In the rat race of the materialistic life, it is not possible for all to sit calmly at one place and chant Mantras. If the chanting is not done regularly with a calm mind and full of faith, it will not provide you the expected / desired goal. Thus, we come to understand that giving alms (dhaanam) is the only easy and possible way to acquire virtue in Kali Yuga.

Feeding (anna dhaanam) is the most virtuous among alms. A person can be made content by feeding only. On the other hand, if anything else is provided in its place, there can be a possibility that the person receiving it would feel better if little more is being given. But in feeding, when a person had his fill, however we may compel, he would never have the feeling / desire to consume more. With contentment, he would say ‘enough’ by raising both hands. This contentment of the receiver of the alms makes ‘feeding’ (anna dhaanam) the best among all alms.

The fruits of feeding will provide in-exhaustible comfort and happiness. Feeding will be fruitful only when a deserving person is fed duly observing the rules of tradition. The deserving person can be, so to say, a hungry poor person welcomed whole heartedly irrespective of his birth and fed to his contentment. Such feeding only will be fruitful.

The ‘Padma Puranam’ and ‘Vishnu Dharmottharam’ describe the greatness of feeding (anna dhaanam) in this way:

ShoodraKotiSahasranaam; EkamViprathuBhojayeth;
VipraKotiSahasranaam; Ekam Vishnu Prathishtitham;
Vishnu KotiSahasranaam; Ekam Rudra Prathishtitham;
Rudra KotiSahasranaam; EkamVidyadeviPrathishtitham:

“Feeding a single deserving Brahmin will be equivalent to feeding a thousand crores of Sudras. Constructing and consecrating one Vishnu Temple will be equivalent to feeding thousand crores of Brahmins. Constructing and consecrating one Rudra (Shiva) Temple is equivalent to constructing and consecrating of thousand crores of Vishnu Temples. Constructing and consecrating of one Vidya Devi Temple is equivalent to thousand crores of Shiva Temples”

Feeding provides in-exhaustible ‘well-being’. ‘Well-being’ is the experience in life where the body and the soul join. When the soul and body are separated, ‘well-being’ becomes meaningless and ceases to exist. The soul on its path towards re-birth can carry only virtue with it.

By amalgamating in-exhaustible comfort and happiness derived from innumerable feedings in order to create in-exhaustible virtue providing lasting happiness, prosperity, fame and good luck and longevity in this as well as the ensuing re-births, you are requested to extend your earnest co-operation and liberal financial contribution in the construction of the Temple for Parashakthi, Mother Goddess, Dasa Maha Vidhyaswaroopini Sre Bagalamukhi Devi and make the noble cause a great success and have the blessings of Mahadevi.

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