Homams in Our Temple


Ganapathy Homam

This is being performed to be successful in life and to bring marital bliss. All problems will be solved when this Homam is performed by invoking Lord Ganapathy. This Homam will also bring health, wealth and prosperity; trigger positive energy and peace of mind around us. This will also reduce ill effects “Kethu Maha Dosha” and “Kethu Graha”.

Aayush Homam

Aayush Homam is being performed on every birth day of a family member; first birth anniversary of a child. By performing this Homam, a person will get blessings from “Aayur Devata” – god of life. This Homam will eliminate a person’s health risks / problems; Karmic issues; bad effects of planets.

Thila Homam

One of the very important ritual that needs to be done by any person is “Tharpanam” and “Pithru Shanthi Homam”. If a person fails to do so, it will activate ancestor’s anger and fall prey to “Pithru Dhosham”. That’s why it is essential to perform “Tharpanam” and “Pithru Shanthi Homam” every month on Amavasai day. This is being performed in Sre Suryamangalam Bagalamukhi Temple at 8 AM on Amavasai day.

Saayujya Homam

“Saayujya” means merging into the Brahman effulgence of the Lord. A person becomes Saayujya in five steps by continuously worshipping the deity. At the first stage he attains the world of deity – Saalokya; then the form of deity – Saaroopya; then proximity of that deity – Saameepya; then opulences like those of the deity – Saarsti; and finally becomes one with the deity – Saayujya.

Parihara Homams

The following “Parihara Homams” will be performed in our temple in presence of the concerned person or on his / her behalf as proposed by our Swamiji based on the person’s horoscope. These Homams will take minimum of 48days to 6months duration and will be performed per “Thaanthric Vidhi” only.

Parihara Homams - Aswaroda Homam, Bhagya Sukhtha Homam, Dhana Vashya Homam, Bagalamukhi Homam, Dhana Vashya Yanthram, Harithra Vinayaka Homam, Maanasa Mithra Homam, Maha Rathy Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam, Sanjeevni Homam, Aswarooda Yanthram

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