Astrology and Thantra Sastra, incorporated in the ancient Vedic texts were pronounced by the divine sages as yore and constitute their un-paralleled wisdom and revelations. These invariably help mankind discern in advance the otherwise unpredictable and unforeseen occurrences in their future life and career, distinguish between the good and the evil consequences thereof and adopt appropriate and effective steps in good time to ward off the latter and ensure maximisation of the benefits of the former.

These are in vogue in India from times immemorial. The various other strains of sciences developed in other regions of the world for the prediction and determination of man’s future have their roots in the invaluable treasure of Indian Astrology. If we can anticipate the events which are to occur in the future and shape our activities accordingly, we will have no occasion to regret.

Only with a view to accomplish this, the acharyas have conferred the boons of Astrology and Thantra Sastra on us. Just as medicines cure physical ailments, Tantric remedial rituals performed in an appropriate manner following the prescriptions of the Sastras relieve one of the rigours and hardships of a bad phase.

There are many astrologers available in India who go through one’s horoscope and conclude on findings alone. But, our Swamiji is one among very few who can analyse horoscope effectively, predict precisely and propose well defined / authenticated remedial measures (Poojas / Homams / Yajnas) required per case. Swamiji also has the knack of telling if there are no such remedial measures are available.

So far Swamiji had seen horoscopes of innumerable people including Politicians, VIPs, Bureaucrats and all the respective proposed remedial measures have given them fruitful results per their enquiry / expectation.

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