About Sre Suryamangalam


Rajaguru Brahmashri Guruvayur Sri Sri Suryan Namboothiry, a renowned Scholar in the Vedas, Astrology and Tantra Vidya has been a resident of Chennai for the past sixteen years. He has set up an Ashramam and has been practicing Thantra and Astrology; he has also been imparting training in the above disciplines to interested students. His advice and guidance have provided succor to many a soul in distress. He is assisted by a team of experts and a well organized office network.

Swamy's contribution in the socio-cultural field include financial and material support to poor students in nearby schools, financial and medical aid to old and disease-stricken people etc. more such activities are being planned.

Swamy has plans to establish a unique temple at the Thanthric Vidyapeetam site. This temple will have very special features. There Yagas will be performed continuously for the general well being of the human race and the fire lit in the Yagasala will burn eternally. Besides a school to impart Vedic and Astrological education in traditional style (Veda - Jyothisha Pathasala) to the growing generation, enlisting the support of renowned pundits is on the anvil. The Yagas proposed to be conducted in the coming months will serve as a precursor to grand plans under contemplation.

Yaga and Akhanda Nama Yajna will be practiced regularly at the Thanthric Vidyapeetam as a palliative for all the evils which threaten our existence on this planet. Revival of the best traditions of the Hindu culture will be our aim. All rituals will be performed strictly in accordance with the rules of the scriptures without observing any restrictions or demarcations between castes and communities.' Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu', the eternal motto of our Yogacharyas will be our inspiration and all activities of the Thanthric Vidyapeetam will be directed towards realizing that goal..

A Message from Swamiji

The good fortune that occurs to one in the present life is the consequential effect of the good deeds done by him in the earlier births. During our short sojourn on this earth as we strive hard for the accumulation of the transient wealth, we tend to forget that life is short, call of the soul should not be ignored and that the only real wealth we carry forward to subsequent births is the good effect of the holy deeds performed by us in this birth.

The root cause for the sufferings in the present life are the evil deeds performed in the past births and the non- performance of good deeds despite getting chances. Just as the Sun and the Moon rise after every setting and the seasons emerge and re-emerge, human birth also repeats endlessly. There is no point in brooding over one's sufferings and ill-luck which after all are the consequences of one's past actions. Our past actions alone are responsible for all the happiness and sorrows, that we currently experience.

In order to find a permanent remedy for the present ills and to provide for good fortune, peace and prosperity to self and progeny in future births, one is advised to participate in the most effective and potent Maha Soma Yaga performed as ordained in the four Vedas with absolute concentration and pray for universal peace, harmony, progress and prosperity. Remember one gets the opportunity to physically participate in such grand Yaga only as a result of the good deeds performed by him in seven earlier births

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