Samvada Sooktha Homam

Samvada Sooktha Homam


Maha Mrityunjaya Homam is performed for obtaining the favour of sree parameshwar, the mrityunjaya murthy, with a view to be free from diseases, accidents, untimely death and dasha sandhi dosha (inauspicious position of heavenly bodies). Performing of mrityunjaya homam on the birth star day, birth star day of the month and birth star anniversary day will provide longevity, goog health and comfort. If the horoscope predicts possibility of untimely death, fear of death, and diseases during the dasha sandhi period, the best solution is to conduct maha mrityunjaya homam. The procedure to be followed in maha mrityunjaya homam is to complete the offering of seven types of materials each 1008 times before noon and the person, with dasha sandhi dosha in the horoscope, is to be anointed with the holy water of the kalash (KALASHABHISHEKAM). the procedure for ordinary mrityunjaya homam is to divide maha mrityunjaya mantra by 7, chant 1008 times each and offer homa dravya (Materials for homam) 144 each and complete the pooja in one day.

Sree Bagalamukhi Devi

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