Pathi Dosha Pariharam

Pathi Dosha Pariharam

MRITA SANJIVANI HOMAM ( For Persons in critical condition)

In Mantra Shastra Mrita Sanjivani Mantra is acclaimed to be capable of reviving even dead people. The Mrita Sanjivani Homam provides complete relief to those suffering from diseases caused by the bad deeds in the previous birth, those who do not recover fully in spite of treatment those whose diseases could not be diagnosed and to those whose horoscopes foretell Ayur Dosha (obstacle in longevity) and untimely death. Those in critical condition have to perform Mrita Sanjivani Homam for 21 days continuously. The same procedure of Mrityunjaya Homam is also prescribed for Mrita Sanjivani Homam by the Shastra, ie offering of different types of materials of Homam each 1008 times in one day for Seven days and anointing the concerned person with the .holy water of the Kalash (Kalashabhishekam). However, the Mantras as well as the materials of Mrita Sanjivani Homam will differ from those of Mrityunjaya Homam.

Sree Bagalamukhi Devi

Sarvaraksha Kavacha Maha Yanthra Yaagam
First time in the history of world made of five metals (Panchaloham)

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