Mrutha Sanjeevani Homam

Mrutha Sanjeevani Homam

CHHAGA BALIYAGAM (Worship of Bhadra Kali)

"Chhaga Bali Yagam," the,most beloved and secret worship of Adi Parasakti Devi, is narrated by Devi herself to the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar) for obtaining full blessing of Sri Maha Devi, the embodiment of the quality Rajas. According to 'Devi Bhagavatam', Gods performed "ChhagaBali Yagam" inorder to enable Sri Rama to kill Ravana with the blessing of Adi Parasakti, All devotees of Kali and those seeking the blessing of Bhadrakali ought to perform "Chhaga Bali Yagam" at least once in thier life time. "Chhaga Bali Yagam" is the Pooja providing special benefits of putting an end to the enemies and the harm caused by them, full protection from the troubles created by the "Evil Deities" and 'Evil Spirits' and distress caused by Abhichara (Black Magic); success in all endeavours in life and inexhaustible good luck, high position and prosperity. The only temple in India where Chhaga Baligam" is conducted, is Sri Raja Kaliamman Thirukkoil under the aegis of Sre Suryamangalam Thaantric Vidhyaa Peetam. In every month , on Krishnashtami and Navami (8th and 9th day of the fortnight from Full Moon to New Moon) Chhaga .Bali Yagam is conducted here at the second yama of the night (Mid Night). Because of the special and secret characteristic of the Pooja, only the Devotees taking part in the Pooja are permitted, the general public is not allowed.

Sree Bagalamukhi Devi

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