Kalathra Dosha Pariharam

Kalathra Dosha Pariharam

PITRUSHANTI POOJA / TILA HOMAM / Saayujya Homam (Pooja for Ancestors)

Without the favour of the departed souls (anscestors) whatever pooja is performed will not have full' benefit. Tila Homam is intended for freeing the souls from their attachments related to the deeds done during life time and the previous birth, whereas Saayujya Homam is aimed at enabling the freed souls to attain Salvation (Heaven). Every individual, especially enjoying the comforts and prosperity inherited from their antestors, is indebted to perform Pitru Pooja. Pitru Pooja on Amavasi (New Moon), Varsha Thithi ( Death Anniversary Day) and Masa Thithi (Month) provides special benefits.

Sree Bagalamukhi Devi

Sarvaraksha Kavacha Maha Yanthra Yaagam
First time in the history of world made of five metals (Panchaloham)

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