Yaagas In Our Temple


Amavasai Yaaga

Performing of Sree Bagalamukhi Devi Mahamantra Yaagam on the night of Amavasai (New Moon day) is fully beneficial and will destroy the effect of black magic and drive away the enemies and the problems created by them and ensure victory in legal matters; put an end to diseases and harm due to sins of the previous birth, Pithru Saapam (curse of the ancestors) Naaga Dosham (Raghu Dosham), and provide comfort, happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

Pournami Yaaga

It is very beneficial to perform Sree Bagalamukhi Devi Sarvaabheeshta Varadana Siddhi Mantra Yaagam on the night of Pournami (Full moon day) in order to remove Mangalya Dosha (obstacle regarding marriage) and have Shubha Mangalya Siddhi (good marriage) to get Chovva Dosha Shanthi (a planetary evil supposed to befall when Mars stands in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th signs of the zodiac) to have happy family life, good children, to acquire wealth and employment and advancement in education, profession and business and good health and longevity.

Parihara Yaagas

The following “Parihara Yaagas”will be performed in our temple in presence of the concerned person or on his / her behalf as proposed by our Swamiji based on the person’s horoscope. These Yaagas will take minimum of 48days to 6months duration and will be performed per “Thaanthric Vidhi” only.

Parihara Yaagas - Dhoomavathy Yaagam, Maha Raaja Sooya Yaagam, Piruthi Raaja Yaagam, Sahasra Viraajitha Yaagam, Samvaadha Sooktha Manthra Yaagam, Samhara Yagam.

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